Take Advantage of Our Water Well Drilling Service and Other Solutions

Take Advantage of Our Water Well Drilling Service and Other Solutions

Many people think of water well construction as the last resort when they’re moving to a property that isn’t connected to the municipal water supply system. But, while this might be true in some cases, you have to realize that building water well can actually bring many benefits. You don’t even have to worry about the actual building process since Price Well Drilling Inc is here to assist you! We are based in Hickory, NC and provide a new water well pump and repair service to property owners who want to have a private well. Here are the solutions that we offer:

Water Well Drilling

We have the right tools and equipment for water well drilling, and we can assist you with drilling wells of various depths and sizes. Whether you’re planning to build a 200-foot well or you just need a shallow one, you can turn to us for expert assistance.

Well Pump Service

Water Well Pump Installation

Aside from water well drilling, we can also help you with installing your water well pump. Don’t yet know which pump to use? Don’t worry since we can walk you through the various makes and models on the market and help you select the best possible pump for your well.

Water Well Pump Repair

We are proud to offer a world-class water pump repair service to our clients. If your well pump is no longer working as well as it used to, just give us a call and our technicians will be there at your location to fix the issue.

Water Tank Service

We don’t just stop at installing and fixing well pumps — we also work on water tanks! If you need help with water tank installation or repairs, contact us and let our experts take care of the task.

Water Well Filtration

Groundwater is usually filtered through layers of rock and soil before it reaches your well, which means that it most likely doesn’t have any contaminants. However, if you don’t want to take chances, you can install a water filtration system in your well. There’s no need to fret since we can help you choose the right system to use, and we’ll handle the entire installation process, too!

When it comes to water well construction, you won’t go wrong with hiring Price Well Drilling Inc. Call us now at (828) 214-7264 to schedule an appointment with our experts in Hickory, NC!

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